Out Back Wachos Expeditions

Caceres/Soledad st. No.120 Iquitos-Peru S.A., Iquitos

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Out Back Wachos Expeditions


Overview of Hostel

What makes Wacho's special is YOU build your own adventure package. Your host Walter Soplin is reccommendded in the Lonely Planet 9th edition 2016
Its a Base Camp 225 km. out south of Iquitos into the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo comunal reserve
Private comunal nature reserve

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from the airport 15 minutes by motorcar, 7 blocks of downtown (plaza de armas)..

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located 7 blocks from main square (plaza de armas) in Soledad streeet 120. Province Maynas - department of Loreto.

Conditions & Policy

Age Restriction

Please note : Cancellation Policy : 1 week advance notice. Only Cash payment accepted on arrival. Flexible Check-in / Check-out time. Taxes included