Apu Wasi Hostels

Calle Concepcion # 01, Cusco

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Apu Wasi Hostels


Overview of Hostel

Apu Wasi hostels in Cuzco, is a novel alternative tourist accommodation, located just steps from the Main Square of Cusco, in the neighborhood of San Cristobal,
historic center of the Imperial City.

Beautiful colonial house has been converted into a comfortable lodging with private bath in each

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Up to Pumacurco street, corner with concepcion street 01
San Cristobal neighborhood.

When you first arrive you will probably want to get a taxi.

These are everywhere and the standard fare is 3 Soles.

Taxis waiting within the gates of the bus terminal will charge 10-15 Soles, but taxis waiting outside the gates of the bus terminal, about 150m further, are willing to take you for about 4 Soles.

Watch out, as some taxis inside the airport will charge more and will try to bring you to other hostels for commission..

Located near

The hostel is three blocks away from the main Plaza de Armas located in a quiet residencial street at the top end of Pumacurco and near the popular San Cristobal area. It can also be reached from the Plaza de Armas via a steep 10-minute walk. Walk up Cuesta del almirante (the street left of the cathedral), through Plaza Nazarenas Make a left on Pumacurco.

Conditions & Policy

Credit Cards Accepted

check in:11:00 check out 10:30 credit cards not accepted breakfast included cancellation policy: 48 hours